Occupation in the Anthropocene and ethical relationality

In this paper, Niki‘s purports “we have an obligation to consider implications related to honouring the interdependence of all species, engaging in occupations in ways that are sustainable, considering one’s actions on future generations, and refraining from engaging in occupations in ways that have a destructive or detrimental impact on the earth and more-than-humans.” When exploring this topic, it was Niki’s intention to honour Indigenous ontologies, cosmologies, and epistemologies as informing shared understandings, while refraining from appropriation or romanticisation.


Niki challenges occupational therapists and scholars to view oppression, environmental degradation, and toxic colonialism as potential outcomes of human occupation. With this awareness, occupational therapists and occupational therapy organisations are encouraged to ensure they have a voice at decision-making tables.

[Open access] Kiepek, N. (2023). Occupation in the Anthropocene and ethical relationalityCanadian Journal of Occupational Therapy.