Research Projects

Patient-oriented research

Our team developed best practice recommendations for patient-oriented research undertaken in Northwestern Ontario. We present an overview of patient-oriented research, considerations for researchers and patient researchers, and suggestions for integrating decolonizing approaches. Select resources are available in French and Ojicree.

Kiepek, N., Freemantle, S., Jones-Bonofiglio, K., Quaid, K., & Byerley-Vita, M. (2020, March). Best practice recommendations for patient oriented research in Northwestern Ontario.

Patient-Oriented Research Interview,

In this video, Dr. Kirsten Jones-Bonofiglio discusses the importance of inviting different patient perspectives into research teams. She also recommends ways for team members to support patients through the research process, such as by integrating decolonization practices. To learn more, check out our video and article.

Dr. Kristen Jones-Bonofiglio


Associate Professor, Lakehead University

Stacey Freemantle


RN, St. Joseph's Care Group

Mandy Byerley-Vita


Social worker, St. Joseph's Care Group

Kristine Quaid


Peer supporter, St. Joseph's Care Group