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Understanding Substance Use

Alongside colleagues nationally and internationally, Niki researches broad and nuanced experiences of substances, including those that are non-problematic and beneficial.

Often people think that substance USE means substance ABUSE, but this study takes a different approach.

The term “substance” includes:

  •     Legal substances (e.g. caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, over-the-counter medications)
  •     Prescription medication (e.g. oxycodone, Adderall, steroids)
  •     Illegal drugs (e.g. marijuana, cocaine, MDMA)
  •     Healing plants or medicines (e.g. san pedro, ketamine)

Impact may be:

  • Desired
    • Caffeine to focus at a meeting
    • Pain medication to manage a headache and engage in childcare
    • Alcohol to feel relaxed after a stressful event
    • Stimulants (e.g. Adderall, cocaine) to improve productivity
  • Undesired
    • Hangover that interferes in morning activities
    • Caffeine impairing sleep
    • Withdrawal

People use substances for various reasons, such as:

  •     Enjoyment
  •     Improving performance of certain activities
  •     Altering experiences
  •     Socializing with others
  •     Healing or spiritual practice

Since many substances are illegal, people are often unable to share their experiences or opinions. We invite the voices and perspectives of Canadians who use substances to confidentially share their perspectives and experiences.

i) Substance use by professionals

Niki’s research team sought to understand substance use by professionals and students in professional programs. Whereas the majority of substance use research focuses on experiences by people identified with having a substance use disorder or problematic substance use, the team’s research seeks to understand substance use among the general population. This project uncovered substance use that is largely controlled, leading to enhanced mood, cognitive performance, and quality of experiences.

ii) Photographic representations

The purpose of our newest project is to explore factors that promote and influence substance use through images and interviews. We aim to understand how do substances (legal, illegal, and prescribed) fit into peoples’ perceptions of what constitutes a good life (e.g., enhance or impede their ability to live a good life).


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